Aero-Spa® Kits

Aero-Spa® Kits


  • Aero-Spa® Pool

    The Aero-Pool system is designed minimize the maintenance for any swimming pool. The high output ozone system will clarify and clean the water to keep it sparkling clear. The need for regular “shock” treatment will be greatly reduced if not eliminated.

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  • Aero-Spa® Hot Tub

    With the Aero-Spa® system you can create a virtually chemical free hot tub in minutes! No need to hire a technician for installation.

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Aero-Spa® Accessories

  • Pipe Cleaner

    Clean the grime from your hot tub pipes! The pipe cleaner compound will scour contaminants from your pipes and pumps.

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  • Bacteria Test Kit

    Verify that your hot tub is clean! This simple test will give you peace of mind in minutes.

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  • Aero-Spa® Filter Cleaner

    Clean the grime from your filter! The filter cleaner compound will rid the debris and contaminants from your filter so it can do its’ job over and over again.

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  • Aero-Spa® Fill Filter

    Use our fill filter any time you add water to your hot tub or pool.

    • Dual chamber design, flow rate 3-4 GPM.
    • Working pressure range: 20-100 psi
    • Filters up to 40,000 gallons*

    *actual usage may vary depending on the contents of the water being filtered.


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