The Art of Balancing Hot Tub pH

If you are relying on typical sanitizers such as bromine or dichlor to perform the primary sanitization of your hot tub you know that balancing hot tub pH water is a chore. Every time bromine or dichlor is added to the hot tub water balancing hot tub pH must be done. The more chemicals added the greater the change in pH. If the pH is not maintained between 7.2 – 7.6 the sanitizer will become less Balancing Hot Tub pHeffective. If the pH is too high (basic) scale will build on the wetted spa components. If the pH is too low (acidic) metallic wetted components can corrode. Bromine and dichlor have a very low pH so the more used will requiring adding a base such as baking soda. Baking soda will raise the pH and raise the alkalinity which aids in the stabilization of the pH. Liquid chlorine has a high pH and will raise the pH. This will require the addition of muriatic acid to lower the pH.

Some water technicians believe that perspiration is a major cause for the need of balancing hot tub pH. Sweat typically is found at moderately acidic to neutral pH levels, typically between 4.5 and 7.0. The amount of sweat given off while using the hot tub is minimal as compared to the total volume of water in the tub. Therefore the effect on pH is minimal.

As time passes from the water change event the more chemically saturated the water becomes. Balancing hot tub pH becomes nearly impossible to maintain.

And the Foaming Issue …

The primary cause of foaming is contaminated water. The source of contamination can be soaps, body oils, lotions, deodorants, etc. Adding anti-foaming agents only masks the cause of the foam. When chlorine reacts with these contaminants chloramines are produced. These are the odors that irritate your eyes, nose and throat. If you are using bromine or chlorine as the primary sanitizers don’t waste a lot of money on anti-foaming agents. These will quickly become ineffective and you will need to change the water.

How to make Balancing the pH Simple

Using ozone as a sanitizer will minimize the amount of chemical required. Ozone has no effect on the pH of the water. Fewer chemicals mean less pH adjustment. Ozone will also oxidize the contaminants that cause foaming. This allows the levels of free bromine or chlorine to be available as a residual sanitizer.

Technology has allowed for the production of inexpensive and durable ozone generators. Many hot tub manufacturers Balancing Hot Tub pHsell built in ozone generators in their new spas. These ozone generators are typically limited to 50 mg/hr of ozone output. These ozone generators defiantly help reduce the reliance on typical chemicals, however, the primary sanitizing is done by bromine or chlorine. The hot tub manufacturers are limited to about 50 mg/hr of ozone output because they rely on the jets and pumps to disperse the ozone. Because most people operate the pumps while using the hot tub they are exposed to the ozone so the manufacturers need to minimize the ozone output.

The Aero-Spa™ Automatic Water Care System uses a high output ozone generator that is controlled separately from the pumps. The Aero-Spa™ System produces 5X more ozone so it becomes the primary sanitizer. Ozone will oxidize all organic material and essentially turn the contaminant into a solid so it can be filtered our efficiently.

Installation can be done by anyone in minutes without tools. Set the timer, plug it in and your done!