Aero-Spa™, LLC manufactures and distributes clean water technologies applications for the recreation water industry. The ozone based products have been developed over the past 16 years.

Aero-Spa™ is the only completely effortless water care system for your hot tub. Virtually chemical free. Customers are thrilled about the money they save. In just a few easy steps, hot tub owners can install their Aero-Spa™ & enjoy the benefits of a chemical free hot tub in minutes.

Aero-Spa™, LLC is part of the Engineered Water Solutions, LLC family of companies. The family of companies are dedicated to clean water technologies deployed across diverse applications. Our philosophy is to solve everyday common problems through the application of technology. The technologies used are environmentally safe, robust and cost effective.

2 Distribution Centers to Serve Our Customers

Hartland, WI

Located in Hartland, WI, our corporate headquarters is the hub for manufacturing and shipping. Customer orders from the Great Plains, the South and the East coast will be shipped from this facility typically arriving in 3 days or less.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Our Engineered Water Solutions distribution center located in Steamboat Spring, CO services the West coast allowing for rapid shipping, typically 3 days or less.