First Fill / Start-Up

The suggested method on fill and start-up would be to use sodium dichlor on the initial application of the sanitizer and then the first time you need to adjust the free chlorine.

Subsequent Adjustments

Any subsequent time the free chlorine needs to be adjusted use 0.63 OZ (1.25 tablespoons) of regular household bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite).

The reason for this is that the sodium dichlor contains cyanuric acid (CYA) as a stabilizing agent. The CYA keeps the chlorine from degrading from sunlight and heat. If you continue to use soduim dichlor to raise the free chlorine, over time the CYA builds up in the water and makes the chlorine ineffective. The initial application of sodium dichlor will have enough CYA to stabilize the chlorine for the long run.

Benefits of this Approach

This method will minimize maintenance and save you money! The easy formula is first and second application is sodium dichlor and all others bleach.